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Cooling-as-a-Service Solutions for ESG-Focused Multi-national Tenants


Elevating Commercial Spaces

In the modern business landscape, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance is a guiding principle for multinational corporations.

Commercial building owners face the challenge of meeting the stringent demands of ESG-focused tenants while ensuring operational efficiency and sustainability. Enter Cooling-as-a-Service, a transformative solution provided by UtilitaaS+

Tailored for commercial spaces, our services not only guarantee exceptional comfort but also reduce common area maintenance charges, prioritize safe refrigerants, enhance indoor air quality, and offer innovative green solutions.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality for ESG-Focused Tenants

  • ESG-focused tenants prioritize indoor air quality, recognizing its impact on employee health and well-being.
  • Our cooling systems incorporate advanced air filtration and purification technologies, ensuring superior indoor air quality. By providing clean and fresh air, commercial buildings create a healthy work environment that resonates with ESG-focused tenants. This commitment to indoor air quality supports employee health, aligning with the social aspect of ESG compliance.
  • Safe Refrigerants and Environmental Responsibility

  • Safe refrigerants are central to ESG compliance. Our Cooling-as-a-Service solutions prioritize eco-friendly cooling systems, ensuring alignment with international environmental standards.
  • By transitioning to sustainable and safe refrigerants, commercial buildings uphold their commitment to environmental responsibility. This aligns seamlessly with the ESG objectives of multinational tenants, creating a mutually beneficial partnership focused on sustainable practices
  • Innovative Green

    • Cooling-as-a-Service from Utilitaas integrates innovative green solutions, such as energy-efficient cooling systems and renewable energy sources.
    • By optimizing energy usage and incorporating green technologies, commercial buildings can significantly reduce their carbon footprint. These initiatives underscore the commitment to environmental sustainability, reinforcing the governance aspect of ESG compliance. ESG-focused multinational tenants can thrive in an environment that echoes their values, creating a symbiotic relationship between sustainability and business success.

    Lower Common Area Maintenance Charges

    • Managing cooling systems can often lead to high maintenance costs, affecting common area maintenance charges for tenants.
    • Cooling-as-a-Service alleviates this financial burden. Our experts handle Engineering, Procurement, Construction Commissioning, Operation, , maintenance, and upgrades, ensuring cooling systems operate efficiently
    • By outsourcing these responsibilities, commercial building owners can offer attractive leasing options to tenants while demonstrating a commitment to ESG-aligned cost management and operational transparency.

    Exceptional Comfort for ESG-Focused Tenants


    Sustainable Climate Solutions

    ESG-driven tenants benefit from our caas ensuring eco-friendly and comfortable workplaces with precise, consistent temperature control.


    ESG-Aligned Workplace Well-being

    Elevate employee productivity and well-being through superior comfort, fostering a positive ESG-aligned corporate culture in a thriving atmosphere.

    ESG-Compliant Building Solutions