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Retrofitting Your Future

Outsource utilities, embrace Net Zero – where efficiency meets sustainability in every upgrade.

Energy Efficiency Solutions


Upgrade lighting systems

Replace existing lighting systems with energy-efficient LED lighting or other advanced lighting technologies.


HVAC System Upgrades

Install high-efficiency HVAC systems, including furnaces, boilers, air conditioning units and control systems.


Enhance Building Insulation

Strengthen insulation, weather stripping and building envelope to reduce heat loss, enhancing efficiency.


Energy Management

Implement advanced energy management and control systems for optimized efficiency in energy consumption.

Services Offered By UtilitaaS+

Energy Audits and Assessment

UtilitaaS+ start by conducting thorough energy audits and assessments to understand the current energy consumption patterns and identify areas for improvement.

Customized Solution Design

UtilitaaS+ designs a customized solution to optimize energy efficiency and performance. This may involve recommending the installation of new, energy-efficient equipment or retrofitting existing systems.

Renewable Energy Integration

Specializing in solar PV systems, we design and install on-site renewable energy solutions, including exploring wind turbine installations for suitable locations.

Equipment Procure & Install

UtilitaaS+ provides comprehensive Cooling as a Service, procuring and expertly installing cooling equipment, ensuring seamless integration into the customer's facility.

Energy-Efficient Cooling Technologies

UtilitaaS+ prioritizes energy-efficient cooling with technologies like variable speed drives, heat recovery and renewables, reducing the carbon footprint effectively.

Building Automation and Controls

Utilize smart building technologies for real-time energy system monitoring and control, incorporating Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) for HVAC, lighting, and overall energy optimization.

Energy Conservation Measures

UtilitaaS+ can suggest and implement various energy conservation measures (ECMs) such as energy-efficient appliances, automated lighting controls and advanced thermostats.

Financial Analysis and Funding

Offering detailed financial analysis, including ROI calculations and payback periods, with financing options like performance contracts and ESPCs.

Energy Savings Guarantees

CaaS providers typically guarantee energy savings for their customers. If the promised energy savings are not achieved, the customer may receive compensation or a reduction in service fees.

Maintenance And Operations

Cooling Optimization

UtilitaaS+ offers a holistic approach to cooling system management, emphasizing energy efficiency, cost savings, and environmental sustainability. It allows customers to enjoy the benefits of advanced cooling technology without the capital expenses and maintenance hassles associated with equipment owned

Sustainable Energy

UtilitaaS+ aim to create customized, turnkey solutions that deliver energy savings, reduce operational costs, and enhance the overall sustainability of buildings and facilities. These services are typically offered through performance-based contracts, where Utilitaas guarantees energy savings and shares the financial benefits with the client.

Sustainability Goals

  • UtilitaaS+ aligns with sustainability goals by improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and conserving resources.
  • UtilitaaS+ may assist customers in achieving environmental certifications and meeting sustainability targets.

Performance-Based Contracts

  • Customers pay a monthly or annual fee for the cooling service provided, rather than purchasing and maintaining equipment outright.
  • Payments are often tied to the actual cooling capacity or cooling hours used, aligning costs with actual usage.